Race Day Hair

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Sunshine Coast Mobile Wedding Hairdresser Bookings 2019
January 1, 2019
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Race Day Hair

Race Day Hair

Are you ready for the races at Sunshine Coast Turf Club? Now is your hair race day ready?  Some awesome race day hair ideas below just for you.Race Day Hair


I love big buns and I can not lie!!!!  Did you sing it too?

Buns are so on trend and I will tell you why.  They can be polished, textured, messy, neat and large or small.

They can be the focal point or they can be simply there to let your hat or fascinator shine.  The humble bun can be placed to create height or width, either neat or messy.

They act as an anchor for hat or fascinator, very comfortable to wear, has the ability to look elegant, sophisticated and regal.

Our Sunshine Coast ladies love dressing up for the races and of course with Melbourne Cup not too far away everyone is thinking about what they going to do with their hair.

Race Day Hair Mobile Hairdresser for Special OccasionsBRAIDS BRAIDS BRAIDS

Wearing hair down may be your style.  Braids are very much on trend, you can incorporate them with bouncy waves, soft curls that fall on your shoulders.

Whether you’re in love with the look of fishbone braids, plaits, fishtail weaves they are very much on trend.  Not a hat or fascinator person, no worries you can always create your own braid crown.  See photo.

I suggest shampooing your hair the night before, making sure you pay particular attention to the hot spots on the head,  crown and nape area.  Condition the ends only.  Towel dry and add a light serum and blow-dry dry.  I always advise doing a deep conditioning treatment every 5 shampoos.  So if you shampoo your hair once a week then you apply a deep treatment every 5 weeks. (hot tip)

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Kerrie is taking bookings, love to look after you, see you soon.

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